Residential and therapeutic boarding schools for teenage boys and girls who are troubled teens and need help with emotional and behavioral issues. - Christian boarding schools or schools for teens.

agape boarding school

Agape Boarding School

Agape Boarding School helps troubled teen boys learn Christian values and grow in their faith. We are specifically designed in structure and care to be a positive influence to turn struggling teen boys around to become mature, thoughtful and respectful young men, with a renewed purpose and outlook on life.


Clearview Horizon

Clearview Horizon is a non-threatening, structured, yet nurturing and caring therapeutic boarding school for girls who need to make better choices and to develop stronger interpersonal and academic skills. The Christian staff specializes in working with adopted girls and girls who have attachment disorders or a history of abuse or a major loss in their life.


Gateway Boys Academy

Gateway Boys Academy helps teenage boys who have gotten off track in life need discipline and respect for authority. Gateway features all of the elements that will have the most positive life-long impact on boys in the shortest possible time, administered by loving mentors and peers who encourage them to succeed.


Columbus Girls Academy

Columbus Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school for teenage girls struggling with life-controlling problems. They offer a disciplined and structured therapeutic environment that emphasizes character development, spiritual growth and personal responsibility. The non-profit therapeutic program for girls is designed to develop the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic and physical.


Future Men

Future Men is a program located in Missouri for troubled teenagers. Grounded in Christian principles, this rural program provides students with a simple and serene atmosphere in which to effect life change. Students continue their education while also working on improving their worrisome behaviors.


Promise Village

Promise Village is a highly therapeutic boarding school, located on a 70-acre ranch in Southern Michigan, where boys, ages 10-17, can overcome challenges, discover their strengths, grow in character, heal from hurts, restore family relationships, develop spiritually, and improve academically.


Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

Teen Challenge Ranch of NW Arkansas is dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. Boys ages 14-17 come to the Teen Challenge Ranch Program from across the United States. They are young men in need of help and assistance.


Vero Beach Boys Ranch

Vero Beach Ranch for Boys is a fifteen-month, fifty-bed residential boarding school just for boys. Anderson Academy is its on-campus accredited, private school registered with the State of Florida. The ranch property is located on a 30-acre parcel, 10 miles west of Vero Beach, Florida in cattle and orchard country. The boys begin in a dorm setting and finish in a large home with house parents.


Wings of Faith Girls Academy

Wings of Faith Girls Academy’s desire is to encourage and nurture respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in the young girl’s life, whether academic, religious, social, athletic, musical, or extracurricular. It is a conservative and lower cost school for behaviorally rebellious girls.


Wolf Creek Academy

Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school for girls and for boys with behavioral or emotional problems. It is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. WCA’s therapy is designed for teenage boys and girls with a history of behavior difficulties, strained family relationships, or other emotional problems.


Safe Harbor Academy

Safe Harbor Academy is a lower-cost Christian academy for troubled boys in Jacksonville, Florida, using the waterfront and maritime activities as the backdrop for helping teenage boys who are struggling. Safe Harbor provides a safe, stable, structured, alternative home, school and behavior therapy. Boys learn responsibility and experience behavior modification through seamanship, mentoring, counseling and a spiritual focus, while also studying for a high school diploma.


Masters Ranch Christian Academy

Master’s Ranch and Christian Academy is an affordable Christian boarding school designed just for at-risk and struggling boys between the ages of 12 and 17. Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is located on a sprawling ranch on the border of Arkansas and Missouri. It features leadership training and vocational training for boys, giving them a strong future no matter how difficult they were when they came to the program.


Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy is a low cost Christian boarding school for boys aged 13-17, located in Oklahoma. The Teen Challenge facility deals especially with troubled teenage boys, or boys who are failing academically. Therapy, academics, and spiritual growth are the focal points of the program deigned to help boys overcome life-controlling issues and get a new start for a strong future.


Providence Pass

Providence Pass is a residential treatment program for girls age 12-17 with emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues. They offer a faith based, loving approach along with DBT & CBT therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, Process-Experiential Therapy, Attachment & Experiential Therapy, Art Therapy, Equine Therapy and more.


California Leadership Academy

Therapeutic academy for boys and girls 12-17 who exhibit defiance, rebellion, failing grades, or emotional issues. An affordable and caring secure facility for troubled teens located near San Diego, CA.


Caymans House

State-licensed and insurance qualified therapeutic residential treatment center for boys age 14-17 exhibiting behavioral or emotional issues, located in Missouri.


Re-Creation Retreat

Re-Creation Retreat is an affordable licensed private therapeutic boarding school in Northern Arizona for treating and educating girls with emotional or behavioral problems, age 13-18. The residential treatment center offers top therapists for difficult emotional problems in teenage girls.


Boise Girls Academy

Boise Girls Academy is a program for girls aged 13-17 located in Boise, Idaho. Girls in this program are provided with a unique approach to healing and education. This therapeutic program specializes in helping girls who have been exhibiting dangerous behaviors including rebelliousness, defiance, and academic struggles.


Freedom Academy

Freedom Academy in New York is a Christian boarding school in New York for young people between the ages of 13 and 21. Teenagers struggling with a wide variety of troubles and disorders can find a way here to start their lives over through the healing power of Jesus Christ. Students here are provided with educational opportunities, community service, and sports, all centered around Christian principles and teachings.


Jubilee Academy

Jubilee Leadership Academy is a fully certified and accredited Christian boarding school for boys in Prescott, Washington. This program helps exclusively at-risk teens to achieve health, happiness and success.


New Lifehouse Academy

New Lifehouse Academy in Oklahoma is an affordable ranch-based boarding school for troubled girls, aged 13-18. This program helps girls with all manner of difficulties and behavioral issues. Through this school, girls are able to achieve a life of happiness, confidence, and self-reliance.


Prayer Mountain Academy

Prayer Mountain Boys Academy is a program in Georgia for boys between ages 13 and 17 who are struggling. This program works with boys who are angry, defiant, abusing substances, and generally making poor choices. Through this program, teenagers are taught a new way to live in faith and begin anew, happy and free.


Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy is a military boarding school in San Diego, California. Top quality academics and a strong tradition of discipline set this school apart from other comparable programs. Teenagers can create a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, whether their future holds military careers or more traditional lives in the civilian sector.


Minnesota Girls Academy

Minnesota Girls Academy is a licensed residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school designed for adolescent girls ages 12-17. MGA offers a home-based non-institutionalized setting and a well balanced approach with expert therapists. Minnesota Girls Academy provides a customized therapeutic and academic plan for teen girls that are struggling with eating disorders, emotional, relational or behavioral issues, or who are participating in substance abuse or self-harm.

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Boarding Schools of America - Residential and Therapeutic Schools

Residential and therapeutic boarding schools for teenage boys and girls who are troubled teens and need help with emotional and behavioral issues.

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