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Caribbean Mountain Academy

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school located in the heart of the Caribbean. 

We are a year-round, Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled youth who are struggling with behavioral issues or academics. CMA enrolls English-speaking teenagers (age 13 – 17) from around the world. The school is a part of Crosswinds, an Indiana-based non-profit counseling service. We are intentionally located in a unique location and environment that effectively brings about an astonishing change in the attitudes of today’s depressed and troubled teenagers.

“The decision to pull a student out of their home context is a really big step. It’s often the right step for a family and when that step is needed, we’re here and we’re available. Our plan at CMA, and our hope is to spark lasting change in a student’s life and then get students back into the home context as quickly as possible.” – Andrew Stroup, Director

Caribbean Mountain Academy offers a wide variety of opportunity that aims to unify families and turn today’s struggling teens into tomorrow’s leaders. Program highlights include accredited academics with opportunities to recover lost credits, family and individual counseling, service projects in the local community and adventure activities only found on a Caribbean Island. Your teenager can explore waterfalls, hike mountains, visit the beach or go white water rafting!

Our campus spans 30 exotic acres and features a fully-equipped weight room, basketball court, soccer field and much more. The priceless views, 24/7 supervision, mentoring and (optional) spiritual discipleship from staff that desire to see your teenager thrive give your child a once in a lifetime opportunity for a fresh start!

The goal of our program is to equip our students for a healthy life.
Our goal is not to solve all of their problems, but help them to be able to work through things in a healthy way, while becoming healthy themselves. We do this by teaching them how to identify a good vs. a poor choice. Showing them how to navigate those situations and walk out better choices. We then allow them to practice those skills and then prepare them for reintegration into everyday life.

  • Individual, group & family counseling sessions!
  • Students recover lost high school credits through Apex learning!
  • A unique opportunity to safely experience another culture!
  • Hiking, waterfalls, beach trips & picturesque mountain views!
  • Opportunity for spiritual growth!

The 5 pillars of Crosswinds Caribbean Mountain Academy
Many parents identify with at least 1 of the 5 core pillars of Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy. These pillars define the school and the experience families get when they send a student to CMA. They are the foundation of what CMA does and helps the school stand apart from other Christian boarding schools.

  1. Family-based Counseling
  2. Relationship-oriented Mentoring
  3. Adventure-based Learning
  4. Service Projects
  5. Spiritual Discipleship

“The 5 pillars make us who we are, and if you take one away, we’re not CMA anymore. We have a high success rate with students, and we believe these pillars are the reason why.” – Andrew Stroup

Licensed Counselors
Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy believes that counseling is the first step in getting help for a troubled teen, and there are times when you need a little extra help. Enrolling your teenager in a Christian residential treatment center is a big deal for everyone involved, Crosswinds knows that and they’re here to help you. The counselors at Caribbean Mountain Academy all have master’s degrees in counseling or social work and are supervised by a licensed therapist. They utilize various evidence-based practices in their counseling sessions.

School & Accreditation
In school, students benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio and from one-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher. Students do their studies through an accredited online program that helps students to learn the material at their own pace. This has allowed many students to recover lost credits and even get ahead in their school work. A licensed teacher is present in the classroom to help students with any questions they have. The teachers are equipped to accommodate a wide range of learning disabilities. Class sizes are small, which helps teens get a lot of individualized attention. Also, classes are divided by gender, which creates less opportunity for distraction.

Have you ever just wanted to simply start over?
Many Crosswinds students would do just about anything to have a clean slate. They often have a reputation that precedes them. No matter what they do or say, they can’t seem to shake what others have already determined from their “troubled” past. Instead of fighting this preconceived image, young people often give up, acting and reacting based on what others already expect. The CMA experience will allow them to:

  • Create a new reputation
  • Eliminate negative influences
  • Be vulnerable

“Throughout my journey here, I feel like the main thing I found out about myself was my identity. I had no idea who I was… but being here I found out that I have value and purpose.” – Anna, CMA Student


Should you need help finding behavioral schools, troubled girl schools, therapeutic boarding schools, or schools for troubled teens, please let us know. When looking into boarding schools remember the distinction between different types of boarding school programs. The most common are therapeutic boarding schools which are specifically designed for at-risk teens. These boarding schools, sometimes called reform schools, wilderness schools or emotional growth schools, combine therapy with academics to help kids get back on track. Another category of residential schools is Christian boarding schools. Students attending Christian boarding schools will receive both therapy and education from a Bible-based perspective. Parents sometimes first look for military schools or boot camps, but these boarding schools do not offer a long-term answer to teen rebellion. This site includes a list of the best therapeutic boarding schools, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs, best outdoor therapeutic and best adventure therapy programs. Boarding Schools (Emotional Growth Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools) provide supervision and counseling for at-risk teenage boys and girls.

Caribbean Mountain Academy

A Christian therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen boys and girls located in the beautiful Caribbean - Learn why teens thrive at CMA!