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Scott SmithScott Smith — Placement Specialist
After working within a leading residential program for nearly a decade as Admissions Director, Scott Smith is uniquely qualified to help parents understand and deal with a variety of placement and financing challenges. He has helped place students in appropriate programs across America and in Mexico. Scott is excited and honored to be able to work with parents to find the right program the first time, and within the family’s budget.
tara-akersTara Akers— Placement Specialist
Tara Akers has over a decade of experience helping fill schools and programs for struggling adolescents. She most recently worked as the Admissions Director of a large midwestern boarding school. Before that she was employed by a firm that provided consulting and marketing services for various schools throughout the nation. She enjoys helping parents find the right program for their troubled teen.

robin-goodeRobin Goode — Placement Specialist

Robin has for a decade been helping parents find the right programs and schools. After personally experiencing the confusion and pain of her own son getting in trouble as a teenager, Robin has been drawn to helping families find the appropriate school or program to help their teenager. Her personal mission is to never give up on a family; assuring that they find an affordable appropriate program or school for their child.

jackieJacquiline “Jackie” Rarrick — Placement Assistant

Jackie Rarrick taught, tutored and counseled teens at a girls boarding school then was the secretary and receptionist for a boys boarding school. She is also a photographer. She enjoys talking to parents and guardians on the phone to set up appointments with our Placement Specialists.

We research and connect families with at-risk teens to the therapeutic programs that best fit their needs and budget, without charge to the family.


Should you need help finding troubled teen schools, drug addiction treatment centers near me, behavioral boarding schools, or Christian therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. When looking into boarding schools remember the distinction between different types of boarding school programs. The most common are therapeutic boarding schools which are specifically designed for at-risk teens. These boarding schools, sometimes called reform schools, wilderness schools or emotional growth schools, combine therapy with academics to help kids get back on track. Another category of residential schools is Christian boarding schools. Students attending Christian boarding schools will receive both therapy and education from a Bible-based perspective. Parents sometimes first look for military schools or boot camps, but these boarding schools do not offer a long-term answer to teen rebellion. This site includes a list of the best therapeutic boarding schools, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs, best outdoor therapeutic and best adventure therapy programs. Boarding Schools (Emotional Growth Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools) provide supervision and counseling for at-risk teenage boys and girls.

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