Minnesota Girls Academy serves girls ages 13 to 17 who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, family and/or academic struggles – therapeutic boys ranches and therapeutic boarding schools.

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Minnesota Girls Academyfree-contactLocation: Bricelyn, Minnesota
Girls Ages: 13-17

Minnesota Girls Academy is a nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 13 to 17 who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, family and/or academic struggles. Some of the specific areas we treat are Academic underachievement, anger management, adoption (attachment issues), inattentiveness, learning difficulties, manipulation, motivational issues, Rebellion, promiscuity, defiance, depression, hyperactivity, self esteem issues, social issues, and impulsivity.

Minnesota Girls Academy is founded upon the belief that every young person has unique potential and strength. We respect the dignity of those we serve and honor each individual’s life. The basic foundation of the treatment program builds upon safety – personal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual – with the recognition that all individuals have potential for change and can develop and grow.

Young people will experience an atmosphere that cultivates individuality and teaches acceptance of differences. Through evidence-based therapeutic interventions and nurturing relationships, this program provides residents with comprehensive and individualized treatment programs that promote growth and personal development. Through active participation in individual, family, and group therapies and counseling, structured milieu, recreational activities, skill building, relationship development and enhancement, this program affords young people with daily opportunities that will empower them with the ability to make meaningful life choices and to become more confident, secure, and healthy in all aspects of their lives. While partnering with families and the local populace, the Academy’s ultimate goal is to help these individuals to transition back as successful, contributing members of their respective communities.

The educational services that will be utilized for residents is a fully accredited school located on the campus. Teachers will be paraprofessionals provided by United South Central High School. A youth counselor will also be present, although education will be separate then behavior. School will follow a regular academic school year and will be in session each weekday to assist residents in completing their studies at their current grade level.

With a well balanced approach, a quality education, and a high staff to student ratio, Minnesota Girls Academy is dedicated to helping each resident through their different struggles as well as providing a quality education. Upon program completion, residents will be ready to transition back into their own family environment with a renewed outlook and new tools to help them stay on track.


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Minnesota Girls Academy serves girls ages 13 to 17 who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, family and/or academic struggles