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Oakdale Christian Academy is one of the 30 best Christian boarding schools in America. Oakdale is a low-cost nurturing boarding program with college preparatory education for grades 6-12 located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Jackson, Kentucky.

Accredited by Association of Christian Schools International, Oakdale was founded over 80 years ago because of a desire to introduce young people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. That remains their driving commitment today.

When parents choose Oakdale Christian Academy for their son or daughter, they are getting much more than a top-notch education. As a college preparatory Christian boarding school (accredited by AdvancED and the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission), Oakdale challenges students far beyond the realm of the classroom.

Oakdale’s mission is to lead students to lives of learning, service to others and loving God.

The student life program oversees all that takes places in the dorms as well as provides a wide offering of evening and weekend activities for students. The primary goals of each component of their program are:

1. To provide an opportunity where students can grow spiritually and embrace the love of Christ
2. To support the academic program of the school and teach students to love learning
3. To ensure a safe place for the social, emotional and civic growth of students

At Oakdale, students thrive! Their small, nurturing environment provides a place of safety for each student – from the most shy to the most confident. Students’ strengths, easily overlooked in other environments, develop, and their struggles, perhaps unseen in a larger context, can be addressed.

Whether a student needs a place to shine, or a place to heal, Oakdale can be that place.

Oakdale Christian Academy’s athletic program is built with the realization that sports can play a vital role in the development of character. Though academics take precedence, they field teams for boys and girls. Oakdale Christian Academy is a member of the Kentucky Christian Schools Athletic Association (KCSAA). The Wildcats face fierce competition as they compete against other programs for the state title in basketball and volleyball. Their soccer team plays at a high level whether it is facing schools or clubs.

In addition to the tough interscholastic competition, Oakdale Christian Academy allows for competitive juices to flow during various intramural sports. Intramural athletics include basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, softball, ultimate frisbee, and flag football. These activities are offered throughout the week to students who are academically eligible.

Students and family members are immediately struck by Oakdale’s incredible student to staff ratio of 2:1. This translates into individual attention, discipleship, academic support, lasting relationships, and a life-changing experience.

At Oakdale, all staff and their families live on campus, creating a campus family for their students. They eat meals together, worship together, learn together and play together. Imagine eating dinner with your biology teacher, playing basketball with your pastor, or practicing for worship team with the president. This is Oakdale!

“You know how much people at Oakdale love you because their actions speak it.” – Hunter


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Oakdale Christian Academy